Adaptive Designs: Benefits and Cautions for Neurosurgery Trials

When is a two-stage single-arm trial efficient? An evaluation of the impact of outcome delay

Capturing the real-world benefit of residual $p̆beta$-cell function during clinically important time-periods in established Type 1 diabetes

Designing Multi-arm Multistage Adaptive Trials for Neuroprotection in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

The role of comorbidities alongside patient and disease characteristics on long-term disease activity in RA using UK inception cohort data

Improving power in PSA response analyses of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer trials

Response adaptive intervention allocation in stepped-wedge cluster randomized trials

Costs and staffing resource requirements for adaptive clinical trials: quantitative and qualitative results from the Costing Adaptive Trials project

Prediction of dementia using diffusion tensor MRI measures: the OPTIMAL collaboration

Predictors of poor function in RA based on two prospective UK inception cohorts. Do comorbidities matter?

**Rheumatology* 2021; DOI:10.1093/rheumatology/keab598