Localization of a hereditary neuroblastoma predisposition gene to 16p12-p13


BACKGROUND: Hereditary predisposition to develop neuroblastoma segregates as an autosomal dominant Mendelian trait.

PROCEDURE: We have performed linkage analysis on 10 families with neuroblastoma to localize a hereditary neuroblastoma predisposition gene (HNB1).

RESULTS: A single genomic interval at chromosome bands 16p12-p13 was consistent with linkage (lod = 3.46), and identification of informative recombinants defined a 25.9-cM critical region between D16S748 and D16S3068. Loss of heterozygosity was identified in 512 familial (42%) and 55259 nonfamilial (21%) neuroblastomas at multiple 16p polymorphic loci. A 12.8-cM smallest region of overlap of deletions was identified within the interval defined by linkage analysis (tel-D16S764-D16S412-cen).

CONCLUSIONS: Taken together, these data suggest that HNB1 is located at 16p12-p13 and that inactivation of this gene may contribute to the pathogenesis of nonfamilial neuroblastomas.

Medical and Pediatric Oncology 2000; 35(6):526–530