Two-stage sparse regression screening to detect biomarker-treatment interactions in randomized clinical trials


High-dimensional biomarkers such as genomics are increasingly being measured in randomized clinical trials. Consequently, there is a growing interest in developing methods that improve the power to detect biomarker-treatment interactions. We adapt recently proposed two-stage interaction detecting procedures in the setting of randomized clinical trials. We also propose a new stage 1 multivariate screening strategy using ridge regression to account for correlations among biomarkers. For this multivariate screening, we prove the asymptotic between-stage independence, required for the family-wise error rate control, under the biomarker-treatment independence. Simulation results show that in various scenarios, the ridge regression screening procedure can provide substantially greater power than the traditional one-biomarker-at-a-time screening procedure in highly correlated data. We also exemplify our approach in two real clinical trial data applications.

arXiv 2020; arXiv:2004.12028