Do routine computed tomography scans detect early spinal cord compression in patients with castrate resistant prostate cancer? Implications for the PROMPTS trial


Aims: PROMPTS is a phase III multicentre trial in which patients with castrate resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) and asymptomatic vertebral metastasis are randomised (1:1) to standard care or screening magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) spine and treatment, if radiological spinal cord compression (rSCC) is confirmed. The trial opened in February 2013 and it became apparent by 2014 that the target for recruitment would be difficult to achieve. The exclusion criterion ‘CT scan (or PET-CT) of thorax AND abdomen within last 6 months’ was the key barrier to recruitment. This audit was conducted to investigate if there was a role for screening MRI scans in CRPC patients with recent computed tomography (CT) imaging.

Clinical Oncology 2017; 29(3):e87